Persons under 80 travelling in France, in Europe and outside their own country for less than one year

Status / age   Persons under 80
Individual Yes
Family No
Citizenship Not french
Validity In France, Europe and outside their own country

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  • Medical expenses refunded at 100% of the french social security agreed rate.
  • No deductibles for reimbursement of medical expenses
  • No cash advance for the insured in case of hospitalisation for surgery
  • Full repatriation assistance benefit
  • Civil liability for private life
  • Benefit in case of accidental death


Medical expenses

Two options (the level of cover you require)

Option 1

Coverage of medical care  in case of illness or accident. Option 1 can be subscribed until 64 years of age. A health profile must be filled out.

Option 2

Coverage of hospitalisation in case of accident only. Option 2 can be subscribed until 79 years of age, with no health profile.

These options cover healthcare in France, in the french overseas departments and the stays abroad in Europe (not Russia) and the stays in country of origen. 

Reimbursement per year and per person

38,250 euro per year 38,250 euro per year
- Hospitalisation : stays, fees
  within the limit of 100% of the French 
  Social Security agreed rate

100% of expenses

100% of expenses following an accident
- Visit
- Nursing care, tests
- Pharmacy, x-ray
- Physiotherapy (following accident and
  after coverage surgical hospitalisation.)

 100% of expenses within the limit of 100% of the French Social Security agreed rate

Dental care (following an accident)

up to 230 euro / year

up to 230 euro / year

Dental prosthese (following an accident)

up to 460 euro / year

up to 460 euro / year

Optics (lenses and frames or contact lenses) (following an accident).

100% of expenses Maxi. 230 euro / year

100% of expenses Maxi. 230 euro / year
Hospital flat rate, private room

100% of expenses Maxi. 49 euro / day

100% of expenses Maxi. 49 euro / day
Counselling helpline
This cover is intended to help you release tension by talking through difficult situations and so recover your sense of calm and well-being. It can also provide support during the sometimes stressful experiense of returning to your home country. This telephone or email support does not constitute psychotherapy.
Dialogue with a clinical psychologist Up to 5 conversations by telephone or exchange of email with a team of psychologists available 24 hours a day seven days a week
Repatriation assistance
If you are seriously hill or injured, and the insurance has accepted your claim, we wil organise and pay for the following :
Medical transportation, repatriation in Europe except Russia or in native country

100% of expenses

Repatriation of the body in case of death

100% of expenses

Excorting of the defunct or repatriated beneficiary

100% of expenses

Transport ticket for a relative if the hospitalisation lasts over 10 days

Return ticket economy class air fare or first class train fare

Individual accident
Death through accident

7,700 euro or funeral expenses for the under 16's

Disablement through accident

up to 30,500 euros, excess 20%

Personal liability
We will cover you for any money that you have to pay as a result of any damage you are held responsible for in a non-business capacity. The journey to and  from your home and your place of work is also covered. You are covered if you, or any person you are responsible for, are held legally responsible for damage caused to a third party while travelling to your country of expatriation and during your stay abroad :
Physical injutries

up to 765,000 euro 

Material damages and immaterial damages

up to 460,000 euro, excess : 76 euro

Le gal Protection - Appeals

upto 3,100 euro, if costs are over : 228 euro

Extension for professional life : Corporate training : damages

up to 12,000 euro, excess : 76 euro

Luggage wich is lost, stolen, destroyed in an explosion or fire or damaged by water during the trip or the stay (limited to 50% for valuables)

Up to 1,200 Euros
(excess of 30 Euros per claim)


ANNUAL PREMIUM (All taxes included) 2005
Per person insured up to 31/12/2005
Minimum : 15 days. Maximum 12 months

Option 1

illness or accident

Option 2

Hospitalisation only in case of accident

0-30 31-40 41-50 51-64 0-64


3 months max

15 days 53 euro 65 euro 85 euro 105 euro 46 euro 57 euro
Months 73 euro 101 euro 131 euro 161 euro 66 euro 87 euro