Assistance (option)
If you are injured, ill, or in serious difficulty we will come to your aid  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply call us or send a fax :
Benefits Level of cover

Accident or illness

Repatriation to country of origin or transportation to the most appropriate hospital

100% of expenses

Sea or mountain rescue services

up to 5,000 Euros per person
up to 15,000 Euros per incident

Transportation to country of expatriation when your condition has stabilised

one way economy class air fare or first class train fare

Advance payment of hospital expenses in country of expatriation*

up to 15,000 Euros (advance)

Supply and delivery of medication unavailable locally

100% of expenses


Returning your body or your ashes to your home

100% of expenses
Cost of a coffin for air transportation up to 1,500 Euros
Cost of a close relative or friend attending your burial abroad if you were expatriated alone up to 15,000 Eur / incident
return ticket and 50 Eur per night for 4 nights
Repatriation of other beneficiaries : members of your family, spouse and children living with you one way economy class air fare or first class train fare

Loss or theft of identity papers, baggage or travel documents

Advance of funds

up to 1,500 Euros

Provision of new travel documents

one way economy class air fare or first class train fare

Unintentional law breaking abroad

Lawyer's fees up to 1,500 Eur / incident
Advance payment of bail abroad up to 15,000 Eur / incident
Sending urgent messages 100% of expenses

*If you have not a cover.

Assistance cover is valid for periods of one year in the principal destination and for stays of 90 consecutive days maximum in all other countries.

The decision to return you to your country of origin or to send you to a local hospital is taken by us. on the advice of the medical practitioner. The date of repatriation, the location of the hospital and the means of transport are decided solely on the basis of medical advice.

Personal liability (option)
We will cover you for any money that you have to pay as a result of any damage you are held responsible for in a non-business capacity. The journey to and from your home and your place of work is also covered. You are covered il you, or any person you are responsible for, are held legally responsible for damage caused to a third party while travelling to your country of expatriation and during your stay abroad. Personal liability cover must be taken out with other cover under the policy.
Benefits Level of cover
Bodily injury, physical damage and consequential damage up to 7,500,000 Euros per claim
including :
- Inexcusable fault up to 300,000 Euros per victim
 up to 1,500,000 Euros per year 
- Physical and consequential damage up to 750,000 Euros per claim
excess of 150
Euros per claim
- Accidental pollutione
Bodily injury, physical and consequential damage)
up to 750,000 Euros per claim
excess of 150 Euros per claim
- Damage (including fire, explosion and water damage)
  to property rented or borrowed by theinsured person
  for the organisation of family gatherings
up to 150,000 Euros per claim
excess of 150 Euros per claim

The amount of the Personal liability premium is dependent only on the country or countries to be visited. The premium amount is the same per policy regardless of the number of persons injured.


Death and total permanent disablement (option)
In the event of an illness which leads to your death we will pay a lump sum to the beneficiary or beneficiaries named by you in the policy. The amount of the lump sum is doubled if the death is caused by an accident. We will pay the entire amount of the lump sum if you suffer total permanent disablement (the degree of disablement, once stabilisation has occurred, must be between 66% ans 100%). The amount of benefit paid in the event of death through illness varies from  20,000 to 400,000 euros.

Definition of the geographical zones of primary residence :
A Zone : USA - Canada - Japon - Switzerland.
B Zone : Brazil - Chile - Venezuela - Hong Kong - Taiwan - Australia - New Zealand - Russia - Israel - europeans countries
C Zone : Rest of the world.

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