People travelling out of France and their country during less  than 1 year

Status / age   Persons under 65
Individual Yes
Family No
Citizenship All
Validity Outside France

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  • Medical expenses reimbursed from the first euro and as a percentage of costs.
  • No excess on medical expenses
  • No up-front payment of medical expenses if you are hospitalised
  • Full repatriation assistance
  • Personal liability cover
  • Death or accidental disablement cover
  • Baggage cover

  travel insurance - repatriation assistance - Health insurance - Travel insurance - Health insurance - repatriation assistance

Medical expenses

    - Hospitalisation :
    - Daily hospital charges and private room
    - Consultation or doctor's visit
    - Radiography, diagnostic tests, drugs, cares
    - Physiotherapy
     (if the hospital charges are covered by us)
    - Eye and dental care other than dentures
      (Only in the event of a clear liability accident)

Level of cover

100% of expenses
Up to a max. of 49 Euros per day)
90 %
of expenses
Up to 76,5 Euros per item
of expenses
of expenses
Up to 46 Euros per session
80 %
of expenses, up to 305 Euros / person / year


Repatriation Assistance

If you are seriously ill or injured, and our assistance has accepted your claim, we will organise and pay for the following :
 - Transportation or repatriation for medical reasons
 - Sea or mountain rescue services

 - A relative or friend to accompagny you
 - Return to the country of hospitalisation or cost
   of sending a colleague to replace you
 - A relative or friend to stay with you in hospital
   for up to 10 days
 - Abandonment of the trip if a close relative dies
 - Sending you essential medication not available
 - Returning your body to your home if you die
 - Cost of bail if you are involved in a traffic accident
   while abroad
 - Legal expenses incurred while abroad
 - Provision of funds if your personal money is lost
   or stolen

Level of cover


100% of expenses
Up to 5,000 euros per person
Up to 15,000 euros per event
100% of expenses
100% of expenses
 Return ticket and 80 Euros per night
up to a maximum of 10 nights
100% of expenses
100% of expenses
 100% of expenses
Up to 7,625 Euros
 Up to 765 Euros
Up to 750 euros per event


Personal Accident

 - Amount we will pay if you die in an accident
 - Amount we will pay if you are totally and
   permanently disabled in an accident (reduced if
   you are partially and permanently disabled).

Level of cover

7,700 Euros (limited to funeral expenses for under 16s) 
30,500 Euros
 (Proportional excess : 20%)


Personal Liability

You are covered for damage caused to others while you are travelling and during your stay abroad, in a private capacity only. Per claim :
   - Bodily injury
   - Physical and consequential damage
   - Legal costs of claims made against you
   - In a professional capacity : Work experience
     placement : physical damage

Level of cover

 Up to 765,000 Euros
Up to 460,000 Eur
(excess : 76 E)
   3,100 Eur
(If costs are over : 228 E)
  Up to 12,000 Eur
(excess : 76 E)



If your baggage is lost, stolen or destroyed by explosion, fire or waterduring the outward or homeward journey. Cover is limited to 50% for valuables.

Level of cover

Up to 1,200 Euros
(excess of 30 Euros per claim)

  0 - 30 ans 31 - 40 ans 41 - 50 ans 51 - 64 ans
15 days 49 Euros 70 Euros   92 Euros 114 Euros
1 Months * 72 Euros 96 Euros 128 Euros 160 Euros
* Maximum 12 Months
Example : Stay of 5 and half months, under 31 years of age : 5 X (72 Eur) + 49 Eur = 409 Euros

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