Person under 65 not registered with the French Social security. Insurance for France or Europe more than 1 year

Status / age   Under 65
Individual Yes
Family No
Citizenship Not french
Validity In Europe (no russia) and outside his / her country

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  • Medical expenses : choose between two options : reimbursement from the first Euro up to 100% of costs or 100% based on french social security reimbursements.
  • No excess on medical expenses
  • No up-front payment of medical expenses if you are hospitalised for surgery
  • Full repatriation assistance
  • Personal liability
  • Death through illness or accident


Medical expenses

Two options (the level of cover you require)

Option 1

From the first euro as a percentage of expenses

Option 2

From the first euro based on French Social Security reimbursement

These options cover healthcare in France, in the french overseas departments and in Europe excluding Russia.

Reimbursement per year and per person 

up to 230.000 euro up to 230 000 euro
Hospitalisation with or without surgery
- in a public or French S.S approved hospital
- in others hospital in France and abroad
100% of expenses
of expenses



100% of french social security reimbursement rate with same maximum amounts of cover in option 1

Consultations or visits, general practitioner

90% of expenses up to 46 euro / procedure

Consultations or visits, specialist

90% of expenses up to 76 euro / procedure

Drugs, diagnostic tests, radiography

90% of expenses

Medical auxiliaries (nursing care).

90% of expenses up to 430 euro / procedure

Physiotherapy (only following surgery)

90% of expenses up to 49 euro per procedure

Dental treatment and dentures maximum

80% of expenses

  1st year of cover
  2nd year of cover
  3rd year of cover
  4th year and next years

up to 360 euro
up to 715 euro
up to 1,425 euro
up to 2,140 euro

waiting period : 6 months (12 months for dental Prosthese)
Orthodontics (up to age 16, maximum 4 half years)  : waiting period 12 months (in case of accident)

80% of expenses up to 400 euro per half-years

Eye care (lenses and frames or contact lenses). Waiting period : 6 months 80% of expenses up to 176 euro per year
Maternity (pregnancy and delivery). Witing period : 10 months

100% of expenses up to 2,140 euro

Protheses other than dentures 90% of expenses
Health check for th over 30's. One check-up every 5 years. Waiting period : 24 months

90% of expenses up to 550 euro

Counselling helpline
This cover is intended to help you release tension by talking through difficult situations and so recover your sense of calm and well-being. It can also provide support during the sometimes stressful experiense of returning to your home country. This telephone or email support does not constitute psychotherapy.
Dialogue with a clinical psychologist By telephone or exchange of email with a team of psychologists available 24 hours a day seven days a week.


ANNUAL PREMIUM (All taxes included) 2005
Per person insured up to 31/12/2005
Benefits : Medical expenses and counselling
  0-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-64 > 64
Option 1 888 € 1272 € 1584 € 1872 € 2856 € 4752 €
Option 2 792 € 1116 € 1248 € 1452 € 2088 € 3144 €

If cover is required for the whole family, the same option must be selected for the policyholder, his spouse or partner and their children


Repatriation assistance (option)
If you are seriously hill or injured, and the insurance has accepted your claim, we wil organise and pay for the following :
Repatriation for medical reasons


Sea or mountain rescue services

up to 5,000 euro per person and
up to 15,000 euro per incident

Return to country of expatriation when your condition has stabilised

One way economy class air fare or first class train fare

A relative or friend to stay with you if you are hospitalised for more than 7 days

Return ticket

Accommodation costs for a relative or friend visiting you if you are hospitalised

Up to 5 consecutive nights at 50 euro per night

Return of family members

One way ticket

Returning your body to your home if you die

yes, up to 1,500 euro covering cost of coffin

Cost of a relative or friend accompanying your body on the journey home only if the deceased was alone abroad at the time of death 

Return ticket economy class air fare or first class train fare

Accommodation costs for relative accompanying the body up to 4 consecutive nights at 50 euro per night
Sending you essential medication not available locally

free sourcing of medication and advance of funds for purchase and delivery

Sending urgent messages yes
Travel assistance if your personal effects are lost or stolen

advance up to 1,500 euro

Legal assistance while abroad only in a non-business capacity oui
Advance payment of bail abroad

up to 15,000 euro per event

Lawyer's fees abroad

up to 1,500 euro per eventt


ANNUAL PREMIUM (All taxes included) 2005
Per person insured up to 31/12/2005
Optional benefit : Repatriation Assistance
France and Europe Age 0 - 64
192 euro